About Us

EcoBowls - Handmade Coconut Bowls

We are focused on delivering eco-friendly beautiful products which are equally useful.

Plastic products have taken over our life entirely and played a prominent role in damaging our nature. My interest in healthy food and conscious living has led me to these pretty coconut Bowl, where having abundance of resources of coconuts in Asia, we tend to use unhealthy & single use products in our daily life.

Started working with various craftsman in south east asian countries to develop the EcoBowls along with some south Indian artisans for creating other co-accessories for us.

While working with them I got to know the interesting but sad story of these coconut shell.. How these shell are being discarded or burnt after its flesh and water being used for various consumer goods by various coconut based product Industries.

Thus result increase in pollution, landfill & methane gas emission which led to hazardous affect to environment & population living near around.

EcoBowls are perfect creation to rescue these shell from being wasted.

And I’m happy to share that I’ve successfully opened an e-store and Instagram channel to bring these EcoBowls at your doorstep to satisfy your healthy & conscious cravings in an eco-friendly bowls.