Frequently Questions

Each bowl is unique in its own shape, size hence no two bowls will be identical to each other that is what is makes so special and no one in the world will have same EcoBowls like yours.

 Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself.

What is EcoBowls?

EcoBowls is the best substitute of any plastic bowls as our bowls are hand made from natural coconut shell . You can serve anything in EcoBowls such as Salad, Smoothies and Snacks.

What is the size of EcoBowls?

We sell Two size of Bowl one is regular (size varies from 450-600 ML) & other is jumbo Bowl (Size varies from 800-1000 ML). Each EcoBowls will be slightly different from each other in size as they are made from shell which can have different shape and sizes.

How and where and EcoBowls made?

We source our Bowls from Southeast based artisans who make this bowl without using any chemical.

What is the life of a EcoBowls?

EcoBowls last forever with proper care.

How to take care of EcoBowls or How to clean EcoBowls?

– Hand-wash with warm soapy water. Dry them properly before next serving.

– Do not put them in microwave or refrigerator or oven.

– Do not put them on dishwasher.

– Keep applying coconut oil or any food oil after 5-10 washes.

– Do not serve extremely hot food in them, it wont harm the bowl though to keep its life more we wont recommend