Coconut T light Candle holders
Coconut T light Candle holders
Coconut T light Candle holders

Coconut Shell Candle Holder/Planter (Yin Yang)

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The Yin Yang Coconut Candle Holder is designed to make you feel balanced and complete. Decorate your home with this little artistic handcrafted piece and inspire yourself and others to live a loving life. You are the light!

Spread the sustainable light and gift one to someone special.



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Every year, millions of coconut shells are discarded as waste. We give them a new life as a beautiful candle holder that you can enjoy every day

Each coconut candle holder is a piece of art, crafted by hand and beautifully designed by our team of skilled artisans in Vietnam.

  • Handmade and sustainable
  • Beautifully designed and ethically made
  • Take a moment for yourself and connect with nature
  • Support local artisans and contribute to a sustainable future

If you are looking to adopt a plastic-free eco-friendly alternative to serve your customer with, we are here with a mission to create a conscious & healthy community. Plastic products have taken over our life entirely and played a prominent role in damaging our nature.

Our interest in healthy food and conscious living has led us to these pretty coconut Bowl, where having an abundance of resources of coconuts in Asia, we tend to use unhealthy & single-use products in our daily life.

Thus result increase in pollution, landfill & methane gas emission which led to a hazardous effect on the environment & population living near around. EcoBowls are perfect creation to rescue these shells from being wasted.

EcoBowls offers the beautiful eco-friendly products. Browse our Online Shop to get the best eco-friendly products at the cheapest prices and Follow Us on Facebook.

Size & Material

  • Coconut Shell
  • 8-10 Cm


It can be use as candle holder or planter for indoor plants or hangling planters