Jumbo Natural EcoBowls
Jumbo Natural EcoBowls
Jumbo Natural EcoBowls

Jumbo Natural EcoBowls

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Jumbo EcoBowls are the biggest coconut bowls you will ever find, Yes they are!

Naturally crafted by artisans of southeast Asia with love and empathy, we brought these 100% coconut shell bowl to you for your loved once.

Smooth from inside out, just the way you like it.

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Handmade Jumbo Natural Bowls

Get naturally crafted jumbo coconut bowls set four natural EcoBowls, we brought these 100% coconut shell bowl to you for your loved once.

BIGGER than classic & Natural bowls, Jumbo Bowls are more stronger and durable bowls for your everyday meal.

With every purchase, you help us in contributing to making the planet for sustainable

These are perfect jumbo natural ecobowls to serve salad, ice-creams, smoothies, soup. You can always flaunt among your guests by serving snacks in these beautiful bowls. The perfect addition to your kitchen crockery.

If you are looking to adopt a plastic-free eco-friendly alternative to serve your customer with, we are here with a mission to create a conscious & healthy community. Plastic products have taken over our life entirely and played a prominent role in damaging our nature.

Our interest in healthy food and conscious living has led us to these pretty coconut Bowl, where having an abundance of resources of coconuts in Asia, we tend to use unhealthy & single-use products in our daily life.

Thus result increase in pollution, landfill & methane gas emission which led to a hazardous effect on the environment & population living near around.EcoBowls are perfect creation to rescue these shells from being wasted.

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  • No single bowl is identical to other, Each has unique size and shape, they’re 1 in a Million – just like you!
  • Average Size of each Jumbo Bowls are 15-16 cm diameter
  • It contains 800-1000 ML intake

  • We use only one raw material i.e. Coconut Shell


  •  Hand-wash with warm soapy water. Dry them properly before next serving.
  •  Do not put them in microwave or refrigerator or oven
  •  Do not put them on dishwasher
  •  Keep applying coconut oil or any food oil after 5-10 washes
  •  Do not serve extremely hot food


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